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ZIM Network Annual Conference in the BMWi

The network manager in charge, Prof. Iwainsky, and the managing director of the network partner Akktor GmbH, Mr. Reimann, participate actively in this highlight in the life of the ZIM cooperation network. The event takes place in the large auditorium of the BMWi building in Berlin’s Scharnhorststraße. In the vestibule an exhibition with stands of different networks is organized. This year the event is entitled

“From Research to Application – Transfer and Trends in ZIM”

In the conference part "How Transfer Works - three ZIM Networks Show how it Works!" Mr. Reimann and Prof. Iwainsky give a short lecture: "Technology Meets Social Issues: Non-invasive, Retrofittable Solutions for 
Smart Living".

The innovation manager of the Evangelischer Johannesstift (EJS), Mr. Kley, was also involved in the elaboration of the event, but for scheduling reasons he cannot attend the event. The lecture concerns activities of the network BASSY (mastering everyday situations by means of complex technical systems in the demographic change) in the area of the health economy.

The short lecture concerns the model apartment AMINA (in the Sunpark of the EJS) for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) with a focus on the use of ambient energy for the power supply of small, flexibly installable technical components.

The BASSY network was supported by the BMWi between 05/01/2014 and 05/31/2017. Project manager was Prof. Iwainsky. The network has had sustainable effects. In the meantime, for example, inhabited apartments in the EJS have also been equipped with AAL technology. An apartment in the Sunpark is also used for short-term living, e. g. by relatives, and can also be used as a model apartment for presentations and system demonstrations (see photo series).

Another activity of Mr. Reimann and Prof. Iwainsky during the Annual ZIM Network Conference was the assembling and support of a stand for Micro Energy Harvesting in the field of building automation. In his pitch contribution Prof. Iwainsky was able to briefly explain the technology and its role and also briefly illustrate it with the help of an energy self-sufficient radio switch. The stand of the network MESEDA (Ambient Energy for Ambient Intelligence) gained much interest.

The MESEDA booth achieves much interest
ZIM Network Annual Conference on 11/06/2018 in the Aula of the BMWi Source: VDI/VDE-IT
Panel discussion "How Transfer Works - three ZIM Networks Show how it Works". (from left to right: Madeleine Wehle (rbb), Jürgen Reimann (Managing Director of Akktor GmbH), Prof. Dr. Alfred Iwainsky (Network Manager of MoDiSeM) Source: VDI/VDE-IT
The network manager in charge (Prof. Iwainsky) at his pitch lecture. (Source: VDI/VDE-IT)
In the apartment of the EJS for mixed use (in the middle Mr. Tobias Kley, EJS)