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Workshop at the Institute for Fire and Disaster Protection Heyrothsberge (IBK)

For some time now, the MoDiSeM network management and certain network partners have been forcing more intensive contacts to fire brigade facilities. Today these activities reach a success: Dr. Neske, head of the research department of the IBK, has invited a group of the network and an external expert to a workshop in Heyrothsberge (near Magdeburg). The aim is to bundle competencies for the implementation of concrete R&D projects. Dr. Schischmanow (DLR), Mr. Westarp (ARCHKOMM GmbH, Münster, in the form of tele-presence), Messrs. Tirooni and Fruitwala (BÄRDRONES, Berlin) and Prof. Iwainsky (GFaI/MoDiSeM), the network manager in charge, come to the meeting.

After a first mutual introduction Mr. Westarp presents a contribution on digital building modeling and integration of location- and context-related sensor data as well as other information. He points out problems of locating people and moving objects in building complexes and leads to the presentation of Dr. Schischmanow. He explains DLR's Integrated Positioning System IPS, that was awarded the Berlin/Brandenburg Innovation Prize in 2018. Afterwards Mr. Tirooni explains the competences and products of BÄRDRONES.

Workshop participants from left to right: Dr. Schischmanow (DLR), Prof. Iwainsky (GFaI/MoDiSeM), Dr. Neske, Mrs. Wegner (IBK), Mr. Fruitwala, Mr. Tirooni (BÄRDRONES); Mr. Trott (IBK) takes the photos.

The tour through the site with its specific buildings provides a further motivation boost in the direction of cooperation in research & development. The possibility of testing the functions of optical systems up to the limit of failure under controlled smoke development is a concrete example of such options.

After almost 5 hours there are acknowledgements on both sides. This workshop will certainly have positive consequences.

Here are some impressions of the tour: