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01/01/2017 – 03/21/2017

Winter/spring 2017

Several companies join Prof. Dr. Ing. Alfred Iwainsky (Head of the Board  of GFaI and longtime manager of ZIM cooperation networks) with initiatives to establish a new network. Investigations and consultations on thematic focus take several months. There is a field of tension between an orientation towards industrial applications or new technical solutions for areas of social welfare. Finally, it is possible to establish a connection between the two goal orientations, which is indicated by the title of the network:

Mobile Services – Services for Mobility.

The first part (before the dash) stands for business applications, largely independent of such social objectives, which result from impairments in the aging process of people and / or physical and mental disabilities. But the part of the title after the dash just addresses these social areas, albeit limited to the subject of mobility.

This twofold alignment of the network creates space for cross innovation. What will happen, for instance, when professionals who develop new, autonomously moving cleaning vehicles, encounter problems that has a person bound to a wheelchair?

The acquisition of partners for the new network is proceeding well. For the designated network manager (Prof. Iwainsky), it will be the largest ZIM network among those he has established since 2002.