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Transfer Day and Citizens‘ Forum

While on the first day of the two-day Innovation Forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services - Services for Mobility", i.e. at the conference "Autonomous Mobile Services" the participants alternated between the lecture programme and the accompanying exhibition, everyone now has the choice between a lecture, the exhibition and test drives.

Also on this day the offer largely corresponds to the prepared program. In the short term, the second lecture block is extended by a contribution from Mr. Siebert (Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing) on high-precision positioning and navigation with the help of SAPOS.

Parallel to the lecture blocks, the exhibition, which has been considerably extended since the previous day, is used intensively for information gathering and discussions. For many participants the rides with the electric cars and the electric truck as well as the trying out of the E-Bikes and/or E-Trikes are particularly impressing.

The current state of the art is particularly evident in the fact that autonomous robotic systems drive around. After a short time the visitors of the exhibition area get completely used to it and trust the built-in techniques for collision avoidance.

Here are some impressions from the second day of the Innovation Forum: