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The network manager in charge at the CURPAS Annual Conference

At the invitation of CURPAS, Prof. Dr. A. Iwainsky, the network manager in charge for MoDiSeM, presents a pitch on MoDiSeM at the CURPAS Annual Conference at the Aero- and Space Center in Wildau. In the further course of the event there is lively exchange of information. Especially interesting for MoDiSeM is the "fire brigade workshop" in the afternoon and the following fire brigade exercise in Teupitz.

Mr. Zügel, owner of Tholeg Robotics, shortly before the launch of his police drone as part of the fire brigade exersise in Teupitz
Participants at the CURPAS Annual Conference 2019 during the fire brigade exercise in Teupitz (center: Prof. Iwainsky, GFaI, ZIM network MoDiSeM; left Mr. Chembura, right Mr. Schukin, both SME Innovation, Moscow)