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Tenth internal network workshop under pandemic conditions

Under strict corona security measures the tenth workshop of the network MoDiSeM takes place today (after Hamburg now once again in Berlin-Adlershof). Because of the many restrictions in public and for preventive health protection, the network management had decided to cancel the eve meeting this time. In preparation for the workshop itself, the table arrangement in the GFaI's main hall had been changed. Each of the participants now has his or her own table, on which his or her personal copy of the list of participants is placed. This prevents a single list from being passed around for the purpose of signing.

At the beginning, the responsible network manager, Prof. Iwainsky, summarizes the main goals of the last workshop in the duration of the ZIM-Cooperation Network project:

  • Giving an overview of the network's many R&D initiatives
  • Analysis of successes, failures and potentials for the medium-term future
  • Arrangements of last concrete activities until the end of the project duration on 07/31/20
  • Offering a discussion platform for the design of further network activities

The most important results of the workshop are as follows:

  • Two R&D initiatives within the framework of the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) have to be promoted in the short term up to the submission of applications.
  • A number of prerequisites must be established as soon as possible for another R&D initiative within the same framework.
  • Further R&D activities will be carried out in small consortia in the medium term, whereby Prof. Iwainsky is available after the end of MoDiSeM as a ZIM project, too.
  • Due to his age, Prof. Iwainsky will not personally participate in the technical specification and application for funding of a new ZIM cooperation network project.
  • There is interest to continue the series of events of the innovation forums "Auto-nome, mobile services - Services for mobility". This may require a new combination of organizers.

Towards the end of the workshop Prof. Iwainsky stated that the MoDiSeM network will continue to have a sustainable effect as a funded project over its lifetime. This is already ensured by the cooperation of partners of the network in different R&D consortia on the basis of corresponding grants of the BMWi and the BMBF.