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Mid August 2018: Exploration of technical risks in some innovation processes / economic challenges

The network manager in charge records and evaluates technical risks for some planned innovation lines of the network. He develops concrete practical application scenarios for future mobile automated systems and services and derives technical risks from them. These investigations also lead to the elaboration of requirements that must be fulfilled in order to make the use of autonomous systems in non-public or semi-public spaces economically attractive. Corresponding challenges are important guiding principles for MoDiSeM:

  • Increasing the mobility horizon beyond narrowly limited spatial areas
  • Realisation of a broader overview of situations (possibly also by collaboration between vehicles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), see figure) and utilisation of this overview
  • Extension of the foresight for the improvement of processes (increase of flexibility or plasticity in the automated execution of tasks, e. g. through artificial intelligence (AI) and process optimization in dynamically changing boundary conditions)
  • Reduction of the effort for the description of the tasks, that the automated system has to perform
Collaboration between autonomous (terrestrial) vehicles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)