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Meeting of the programme committee for the Innovation Forum "Autonomous, mobile services; services for mobility"

In the GFaI (Berlin-Adlershof) the programme committee meets to further prepare the second Innovation Forum, which this time will take place on the campus Wilhelminenhof of the HTW Berlin on 06/04 and 06/05/2019. The head of the programme committee, Prof. Iwainsky, can refer to an already very good state of preparation and in particular a multiplicity of lecture and exhibit offers.

Together some open questions are discussed and appropriate decisions are taken. For example, the VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH project management offers to present the Central Innovation Programme for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM)). The programme committee agrees to establish a  lecture and discussion block on ZIM. In addition to an overview of the entire spectrum of ZIM up to international projects, Prof. Iwainsky will talk about ZIM network projects of the GFaI, of course primarily about MoDiSeM. The third component of this block could be a lecture on a successful research project within the framework of ZIM that fits the topics of MoDiSeM.

It is becoming apparent that some electric cars can be presented within Citizens' Forum (06/05/2019), whereby rides on the campus grounds or in the Oberschöneweide district will also be offered.

Art in construction, in the background building G Copyright: HTW Berlin/Maria Schramm
Rainos irrigation robot. 
Copyright: Innok Robotics GmbH
Inspection robot of Innok Robotics. Copyright: Innok Robotics GmbH

Registered and accepted exhibits of Innok Robotics GmbH (Regenstauf near Regensburg)

As in the previous year, Enway's "Blitz" will also be demonstrated again.
A fire master car converted from a Nissan Leaf car by the company Michael Bendich Fahrzeugbau. Copyright: Michael Bendich Fahrzeugbau