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March - May 2020: Robots in the Corona Pandemic

In the time of the corona pandemic, mobile robotic systems play an increasing role worldwide. On the occasion of the press release of our (network external) cooperation partner InSystems Automation on 06. May 2020, a short report about the disinfection robot "ZenZoe", which was developed in cooperation with the Spanish company ASTI Mobile Robotics and BOOS Technical Lighting, was published here. Since October 2019, InSystems Automation is part of the ASTI Mobile Robotics Group.

Reference was also made to the two other disinfection robots:

  • Mobile robot for disinfection using concentrated UV light from the Danish company UVD Robots and
  • System developed in China with double atomizer gun from Siemens and Aucma

The Ulm-based company Adlatus Robotics GmbH also offers a cleaning robot with disinfection functionality. The CR700 - OXIDATO DISINFECTION autonomously carries out floor disinfection during floor cleaning (One Pass). A pH-neutral, low-corrosion and chlorine-free solution is used. No rinsing is necessary after disinfection.

Deutschlandfunk reported about a completely different robot in the fight against Covid-19 in an article by Sebastian Engelbrecht on 28. May 2020: With the help of a robot, intensive care physicians can also participate in visits to distant hospitals. Specifically, the report is about the tele-visit of a senior physician from the Charité Campus in Berlin-Wedding to the Havelhöhe Hospital in Spandau. The senior physician performs remote navigation of the mobile robot, the upper part of which is equipped with a display showing the physician's face. Via the robot, the Charité physician can see the patient suffering from Covid-19 in Havelhöhe and talk to him. Already 30 Berlin hospitals are participating in this form of "robotic" telemedicine.