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Innovation Day SME of the BMWi at the AiF

The network MoDiSeM is represented at this anniversary event (25th Innovation Day “Mittelstand”, 10 years Central Innovation Program “Mittelstand”, ZIM) with a stationary stand and a mobile "satellite". On the stand in one of the many tents on the park-like site of AiF Projekt GmbH in Berlin-Pankow are presented:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) solution for location, orientation and navigation in underground sites (by DLR)
  • Various models of prostheses and videos for adapting prostheses to the human body (leg and knee); living example of the highest level of medical care: Charismatic personality with two prosthetic legs and one arm prosthesis (cared by Orthopädietechnik Scharpenberg)
  • Modules and processes for contactless energy transmission, e. g. for charging autonomous vehicles / devices (by KONTENDA GmbH)
  • Quoloco SmartHome predictive event management (by I.T. Out GmbH)
  • Intelligent trap for automated monitoring and elimination of flying pests in woods and commercial forests (by I.T. Out GmbH)

The "Satellite Stand" in the parking lot in front of the access to the area serves to demonstrate the autonomous cleaning robot "Blitz" of the MoDiSeM partner Enway GmbH.

The interest of the visitors is great given the wide range of exhibits and demonstrations at both stands. Of particular importance to the network is the visit of a group of five ambassadors. This initial contact with senior diplomats may well result in international cooperation to improve the use of small civilian drones.
Of course, in the parking lot, the robotic demonstrations with the cleaning robot attracts attention, especially as a young lady uses the "follow a marked human master" mode for a rather extended tour through a swarm of people and narrow lanes between stationary stands.

Some impressions:

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