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02/25/2020 – 02/26/2020

9. internal workshop of the network in Hamburg

The host is Prof. Schulz, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Production at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg). On the eve of the meeting the participants meet in Deichstraße and then are guided through Speicherstadt by the "honourable spice merchant and citizen captain Jacob Lange". Afterwards, slightly cooled down by the Hamburg wind and weather, the participants go to the noble and cosy restaurant Deichgraf.

The well-attended workshop itself takes place in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at HAW Hamburg. It is the penultimate workshop of the network project, which is funded until 07/31/2020 by the BMWi via the project management agency VDI/VDE + IT GmbH. The programme corresponds to this. The various R&D initiatives, their current states and the prioritisation of work for the last six months are  discussed in detail.

In the corresponding agenda item, the network manager can announce a significant current success: The ZIM-cooperation project “SPUR: Development of a modular assistance system for the support of people with dementia and their carers” with 5 partners has been approved at the turn of the year.

Announcements by the BMBF, to which various MoDiSeM consortia want to respond with outlines for R&D projects, represent major challenges for the network. In the remaining period of funding for MoDiSeM, the network plans to advance a total of five project initiatives up to the submission of proposals or outlines. At least 15 partners of the network will be involved in these processes.

The intensive life in MoDiSeM is getting around. This is the reason that even in such a late phase of the funding project other institutions ask for admission to the network. At present there are

  • Optotransmitter Environmental Protection Technology e.V. (OUT e.V.)
  • Institute for Fire and Disaster Control Heyrothsberge

Public relations also plays a major role in the workshop. The main responsible network manager, Prof. Iwainsky, can report an excellent state of preparation for the Third Innovation Forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services - Services for Mobility" on 19/20 May 2020 in the Wilhelminenhof Campus of the HTW Berlin. He refers to the corresponding programme committee meeting which took place immediately before the workshop (on 02/24/2020).

At the end of the workshop a lively discussion on topics for the concluding MoDiSeM workshop, then again in Berlin, takes place.