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10/08/2019 – 10/10/2019

8. internal MoDiSeM workshop

This time there is a special activity before the eve of the meeting: Mr. Nickenig (Managing Director of I.T. Out GmbH in Nordhorn) introduces the responsible network manager to the board member Lutz Wolf of the HAVO Neuenhauser Group Holding. This holding company has been the owner of I.T. Out GmbH since 07/01/2019. The main purpose of the discussion is to jointly explore the significance the network can develop for the Neuenhauser Group.

Well fitting to this first meeting of the board of the Neuenhauser Group with the MoDiSeM network, the eve of the meeting begins with a visit to Glüpker Blechtechnologie GmbH, one of the group's manufacturing companies. The managing director, Mr. Jürgen Gerst, takes the lead.

The actual workshop takes place on 10/09 in the premises of I.T. Out GmbH. A particularly important and extensive item on the agenda are this time changes in the network composition. After an explanation of the changes at the I.T. Out GmbH by the inclusion of this former SME into the Neuenhauser group the following extensions of the network in the last months are presented:

  • SME Innovation, Moscow, Russia
  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)
  • Talktools GmbH
  • Design office Danckwerth

In addition, Prof. Iwainsky informs that other companies/institutions have expressed interest in joining the network and that corresponding activities are in progress.

A novelty of the workshop is the active participation of a new partner from abroad (SME Innovation).

The responsible network manager then presents a total of 14 R&D initiatives. He considers it a particular success that on 09/10 a total of 5 sub-projects of the ZIM cooperation project

SPUR: Modular assistance system for the support of
people with dementia and their carers

could be submitted to the project management organisation VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH.

The expiry of the current directive for the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) on 2019/12/31 plays an important role in setting priorities and deadlines.

In a further agenda item, five for MoDiSeM relevant announcements of the BMBF and BMWi are discussed.

The reporting on public relations in the recent past concerns the following events:

  • Second Innovation Forum "Autonomous, mobile services - services for mobility" on 04/05 June 2019  at the
  • Wilhelminenhof Campus of the MoDiSeM member Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW Berlin)
  • 2nd conference for the exchange of experiences of ZIM network managers on 2019/09/23 in Berlin
  • ZIM Annual Network Conference 2019 on 2019/09/24 at the BMWi (Berlin)

For the future the following PR-activities are already planned:

  • Presentation of the network manager in charge at the symposium "Perspectives on participation and inclusion in rural areas" of the MoDiSeM partner Senior Consulting Service Diakonie e. V. (SCSD), of the City of Oranienburg and the Working Group for the Interests of Disabled People of the City of Oranienburg on 29. October 2019 in Oranienburg near Berlin on the topic "Mobility Offers in the Digital Change".
  • Lecture and moderation of a theme table
    "Village 2.0. Why do we need a digital platform?"
    by Mr. Nickenig (Managing Director of I.T. Out GmbH) at the same event
  • Third Innovation Forum "Autonomous, mobile services - services for mobility" on 19/20 May 2020 at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (Wilhelminenhof Campus)

In addition, the network management aims to participate again in 2020 with a joint stand at the Innovation Day of the BMWi on the premises of AiF Projekt GmbH in Berlin Pankow.

Towards the end of the workshop, the potentials of cooperation between German network partners and the Moscow member (SME Innovation) are discussed once again. The main network manager informs that a whole series of bilateral consultations has already been organised in Berlin and Welzow.

Workshopteilnehmer bei der Besichtigung der Glüpker Blechtechnologie GmbH
Gemeinsames Abendbrot nach der Betriebsbesichtigung