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Guest at Tholegrobotics

Together with the two representatives of the Moscow MoDiSeM partner SME Innovation, the responsible network manager travels to the new location of Tholegrobotics in Welzow. For the owner of this MoDiSeM member, Mr. Thomas Zügel, the city of Welzow is of strategic importance as another location of Tholeg Robotics.

Some highlights of Welzow for Tholegrobotics as developer and seller of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems):

  • Good location between the metropolitan areas of Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and close to the borders between Germany and Poland as well as the Czech Republic.
  • Good traffic connection, in particular by a small airport (traffic land place Welzow, 365 days in the year open, maximum take-off mass: 14 t; runway: 2,000 m length, 30 m width)
  • Modern fire brigade building of the Welzow volunteer fire brigade
  • Historical Fire Brigade and Airfield Museum
  • Free building areas and areas available for the establishment of test sites at favourable prices
  • From 2021, the LEAG mining company will design a new post-mining landscape on the eastern outskirts of the city.  
  • The city of Welzow is in the process of developing future strategies for the period after lignite.
  • The infrastructure necessary for the establishment of sustainable corporate structures must be established.
  • Establishment of an international and European commercial airfield for fire and disaster protection (establishment of the EU fire-fighting aircraft squadron within the framework of the rescEU programme, stationing of fire-fighting helicopters, establishment of specific research and development activities, especially in the field of UAS)
    Note: Lake Sedlitz as a source of fire-fighting water near the airport
  • Development of research and test fields for autonomous and unmanned aeronautics (UAS) as well as for autonomous forestry and agricultural machines

The consultation at Tholegrobotics shows interesting cooperation opportunities for both sides in the field of UAV applications, UAV power supply, drives and camera technology.

Following the consultation, Mr. Zügel takes the guests to a viewing platform with a wide view of the opencast mining landscape (see photos). For trips in the surrondings of the company Tholegrobotics has purchased three small electric vehicles from MoDiSeM partner Ber-LEAN TechCenter GmbH.