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Autonomous mobile devices in the fight against Covid-19

The Corona pandemic has fundamentally changed the whole world. Science and technology are particularly challenged at present. This also applies to topics of the MoDiSeM network (Mobile Services - Services for Mobility). With its proANT product family (autonomous vehicles for intralogistics), our cooperation partner InSystems Automation in Berlin-Adlershof has created a basis for the press release

Disinfection robot "ZenZoe" is a Berliner

published today. Important information from it:

  • The "ZenZoe" robot autonomously moves a column that emits concentrated UV light through interiors, effectively killing the corona virus in the air and on surfaces (e. g. furniture).
  • The UV-C lamp is mounted on the lifting device of the autonomously navigating transport robot proAnt 436 and thus can be moved to the most favourable height for combat.
  • The effectiveness of "ZenZoe" has been verified by international research institutions in cooperation with the UME (Military Emergency Management Unit).
  • The robot is equipped with a quick-charging battery that enables 24-hour operation.
  • The rapid development of the disinfection robot is based on a successful cooperation in the Spanish ASTI Mobile Robotics Group, to which InSystems Automation has belonged since October 2019. Additionally BOOS Technical Lighting played a major role in the development.

Of course, there are other examples of technical developments in the field of autonomous systems, which were either triggered or forced by the corona pandemic. Here are just two:

  • System with double spray gun from Siemens and Aucma specially developed for the fight against the corona virus in China
  • Mobile robot for disinfection using concentrated UV light from the Danish company UVD Robots