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Annual ZIM network conference in the BMWi

For the first time, the annual conference focused on artificial intelligence. Mr. Dembek (AUCOTEAM) and the MoDiSeM network managers Prof. Iwainsky and Mr. Pochanke had designed an exhibition stand which on the one hand informed about the ZIM networks BASSY (mastering everyday situations by means of complex technical systems in demographic change) and MoDiSeM (mobile services - services for mobility) and on the other hand concentrated on a result of the BMBF joint project AKOLEP (acoustically and optically experiencable learning for the nursing professions). This project was initiated by BASSY, but was only completed during the term of MoDiSeM (full-day presentation of the results on 05/28/2019). The exhibit concerned a technical facility for monitoring/quality control and result evaluation for hand disinfection processes in nursing staff training.

The photos give an impression of interesting discussions at the stand. The R&D consortium is aiming for a follow-up project within the framework of ZIM and is still looking for application partners (SMEs).

During the event, Prof. Iwainsky also gave a pitch speak in which he presented a brief overview of the entire BMBF joint project.

The annual ZIM network conference was highly interesting for MoDiSeM as a whole. At the end of the event Mrs. MinR Carmen Heidecke (BMWi) informed about the future of the ZIM program and planned further developments.