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AKOLEP closing event

The responsible network manager of MoDiSeM, Prof. Dr. Alfred Iwainsky, participates in the closing event of the BMBF joint project

AKOLEP: Acoustically and optically based learning in the field of nursing staff education/training

Four years earlier he had initiated this project. It is intended to be the basis for introducing a novel mixed-reality technique into education and training of  nursing professionals. The project partners involved were:

  • AUCOTEAM GmbH (Project Leader)
  • Education Training Center of the German Heart Center Berlin (DHZB)
  • Society for the Advancement of Applied Computer Science (GFaI)
  • Promotion Software Agency for Interactive Media GmbH
  • YOUSE GmbH

The 5-hour event includes presentations on the project results and an extensive demonstration in a training room equipped with new mixed-reality technology at the DHZB education training center. "This room is the actual star of the event", judges one participant.

Highlights of the demonstrations are training and result evaluation of hand washing and disinfection processes with sensor technology and digital image processing as well as monitoring and quality management of the whole body washing of a person to be cared for by a student nurse, at the final event on behalf of the head of the training facility, Mr. Bernd Hoffmann, with a dummy nurse. The communication between man and doll in natural language is particularly impressive.