The future of automated mobility has begun,

but in everyday life you rarely see anything like it.

There is still a lot to do, there is still big potential to exploit.

In the corporate network, we jointly address current challenges.

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Meeting in the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW)

Due to an expression of interest of the HAW in MoDiSeM, the responsible network manager, Prof. Dr. A. Iwainsky, visits the head of the interdisciplinary research group of Prof. Dr. Stephan Schulz of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science of the HAW. It is about mutual presentation of competences and a first discussion of R&D cooperation in the fields of robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), laser technology, image processing and AI.

First foreign member

After Maxim Chembura and Sergey Baranov had already participated in the 2nd Innovation Forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services - Services for Mobility" (04th and 05th  June 2019 on the campus Wilhelminenhof of the HTW Berlin), their Moscow company SME Innovation now becomes an associated member of MoDiSeM by official confirmation of the application for admission by VDI/VDE Innovation und Technik GmbH. This is the first time that a foreign partner has joined the network, a good basis for international R&D projects, especially in the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM).

Design office becomes member of MoDiSeM

Ms. Danckwerth has already become active within the network as part of a MoDiSeM R&D initiative. In connection with the 2nd Innovation Forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services - Services for Mobility" she applied for an associated membership in MoDiSeM. This is confirmed today by VDI/VDE Innovation und Technik GmbH. The design office of Ms. Danckwerth (Berlin) thus now belongs to the network.

The network manager in charge at the CURPAS Annual Conference

At the invitation of CURPAS, Prof. Dr. A. Iwainsky, the network manager in charge for MoDiSeM, presents a pitch on MoDiSeM at the CURPAS Annual Conference at the Aero- and Space Center in Wildau.

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