The future of automated mobility has begun,

but in everyday life you rarely see anything like it.

There is still a lot to do, there is still big potential to exploit.

In the corporate network, we jointly address current challenges.

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LIBIFY becomes a regular partner of MoDiSeM

The Munich-based company LIBIFY Technologies GmbH becomes a regular partner of MoDiSeM towards the end of phase 1 of the network project. A new R&D project, in which MoDiSeM can support, is a concrete reason. The technical relation to the network exists with topics on digital infrastructures for the increase of the security of humans with movement restrictions.

Final spurt towards phase 2

After a survey by the network management among the MoDiSeM partners revealed the clear desire to continue the network project, the final spurt to apply for phase 2 of the ZIM cooperation network project in time begins. This phase is scheduled to run from August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2020. Thus, it follow phase 1 directly and without any gaps in time.

Innovation Day SME of the BMWi at the AiF

The network MoDiSeM is represented at this anniversary event (25th Innovation Day “Mittelstand”, 10 years Central Innovation Program “Mittelstand”, ZIM) with a stationary stand and a mobile "satellite".

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Transfer-Day "Innovative Offers for Everyday Life in Work and Leisure"

Diese Ausstellung mit begleitendem Vortragsprogramm ist einer der vier Bestandteile des zweitägigen Innovationsforums „Autonome, mobile Dienste – Services für Mobilität“ im Audimax und Außenbereich des entsprechenden Gebäudes der HTW Berlin.

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