The future of automated mobility has begun,

but in everyday life you rarely see anything like it.

There is still a lot to do, there is still big potential to exploit.

In the corporate network, we jointly address current challenges.

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Project consulting at ICM e. V.

The network manager in charge travels to a project consulting at the MoDiSeM partner ICM in Chemnitz. It is about the continuation of activities in the field of knowledge management, which were initiated by the ICM itself (see also entry from 19.11.2018). Representatives of MoDiSeM-external SMEs take part in the consultation due to their professional interest.

Consultation with Lorent IT-Solutions GmbH in Wuppertal

The network manager in charge, Prof. Iwainsky, accepts the invitation to a several-hour consultation with Lorent IT-Lösungen GmbH. As a network-external cooperation partner, the company is already involved in an MoDiSeM R & D initiative.

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Joint Congress of BMWi and VIU

This congress of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the Association of Innovative Enterprises takes place in the Congress Centre of the BMWi under the title

Innovation in SMEs - How Transfer Works.

The network manager in charge, Prof. Iwainsky, takes part. In particular, the keynote lecture by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Stich (Forschungsinstitut für Rationalisierung (FIR) e. V. at RWTH Aachen) and the subsequent discussion during the conference reveals synergy potential. This concerns in particular current R&D initiatives of the network in the range of autonomous services for the health economy.

Member Assembly of the MoDiSeM member SCSD

Prof. Iwainsky, the network manager in charge, takes part in the Member Assembly  of Senior Consulting Services Diakonie e. V. and points out that federal funding can be used to implement many innovative ideas in the social field. For the SCSD, the MoDiSeM network is an important means of bundling social and technical competencies with the aim of joint research and development activities.