The following information describes important events in the life of the network MoDiSeM in chronological order. If you want to see content related events, please use the search function.

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The network manager in charge at the CURPAS Annual Conference

At the invitation of CURPAS, Prof. Dr. A. Iwainsky, the network manager in charge for MoDiSeM, presents a pitch on MoDiSeM at the CURPAS Annual Conference at the Aero- and Space Center in Wildau.

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Second Innovation Forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services - Services for Mobility"

Due to the great success of the first innovation forum on 06/04/2018 – 06/05/2018, the MoDiSeM network decided to hold such a forum again in 2019. The most important preliminary information can be found here.

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Joint stand at Innovation Day for SMEs

As in 2018, this year's Innovation Day for SMEs of the BMWi at AiF Projekt GmbH in Berlin-Pankow is once again a special event in the life of MoDiSeM.

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Meeting of the programme committee for the Innovation Forum "Autonomous, mobile services; services for mobility"

In the GFaI (Berlin-Adlershof) the programme committee meets to further prepare the second Innovation Forum, which this time will take place on the campus Wilhelminenhof of the HTW Berlin on 06/04 and 06/05/2019.

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Consultation with MoDiSeM partner ARCHKOMM

The network manager in charge, Prof. Iwainsky, visits Mr. Westarp, one of the managing directors of ARCHKOMM GmbH, at the Leonardo Campus Münster. The visit serves on the one hand to get more information about the SME and on the other hand to discuss a new R&D initiative.

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The network manager in charge at the 26th Munich Management Colloquium

This colloquium took place under the management of Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Horst Wildemann under the title "Smart & Agil & Disruptiv - Added Value 4.0" at the Technical University of Munich. The organizers once again succeeded in putting together a highly interesting program on current topics and attracting top-class speakers. The work of MoDiSeM received a number of important impulses.

Sixth internal workshop of the network

On 27th February 2019 KONTENDA GmbH hosts the internal network workshop. The premises of the ifak Institute for Automation and Communication e.V. in the Think Factory in the Magdeburg Science Harbour are used.

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IGF Chemnitz GmbH applies for membership

IGF Engineering company for building, area and plant management mbH Chemnitz announces its intention to become a regular partner of MoDiSeM. At the same time, the SME is contributing an R&D initiative on the subject of knowledge management.

Project outline TraDIn uploaded on time

The R&D project TraDIn initiated by the Evangelisches Johannesstift (EJS) has been advanced to a project outline with the title "Modular, mobile, robotic transport system with disinfection functionality and application-specific interaction capabilities". This project is loaded up by the planned coordinator, Society for the Promotion of Applied Computer Science e. V. (GFaI) on time. The R&D consortium consists of the potential first user of the results, the Nursing home at the Waldkrankenhaus gGmbH, four research institutions GFaI e. V., FIR e. V., ICM e. V. and DLR e. V. as well as the SME YOUSE GmbH.

Inspection in the Nursing Home at the Waldkrankenhaus gGmbH

The network manager in charge visits the buildings of the intended pilot user of a modular, mobile robotic transport system with disinfection functionality and application specific interaction capabilities.

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Consulting at Innok Robotics GmbH

Prof. Iwainsky, the network manager in charge, visits Innok Robotics GmbH in Regenstauf near Regensburg. Within the scope of a 5-hour consultation with demonstrations of remote-controlled and autonomous small vehicles, several focal points of possible cooperation are coordinated.

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FIR e. V. applies for membership

The FIR Research Institute for Rationalization e. V., institute at the RWTH Aachen and member of the Center Connected Industry, applies to become a regular partner of the ZIM cooperation network MoDiSeM. Previously, FIR had already been involved in the R&D initiative TraDIn (modular, mobile, robotic transport system with disinfection functionality and application-specific interaction capabilities). TraDIn is a contribution from MoDiSeM to the BMBF call "Robotic Systems for Care".

Consultation with Tholegrobotics Thomas Zügel and easc

A consultation with Tholegrobotics Thomas Zügel and easc e. V. (Prof. Rehak) takes place at the GFaI network management in Berlin-Adlershof. For several hours four R&D initiatives, three from Tholegrobotics and one from Network Management, are discussed. In all four cases, complex autonomous flight manoeuvres in various services with Unmanned Aireal Vehicles (UAV) and associated image processing processes are at the core of the research. Following the consultation, it is decided to specify two projects within the framework of the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) on the basis of the initiatives.

Project consulting at FIR at RWTH Aachen University

With the aim of including the FIR in an established project consortium for the development of a highly automated solution for logistic processes in the field of care, the network manager in charge travels to Aachen. The consulting proves to be a success.

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Project consulting at ICM e. V.

The network manager in charge travels to a project consulting at the MoDiSeM partner ICM in Chemnitz. It is about the continuation of activities in the field of knowledge management, which were initiated by the ICM itself (see also entry from 19.11.2018). Representatives of MoDiSeM-external SMEs take part in the consultation due to their professional interest.

Consultation with Lorent IT-Solutions GmbH in Wuppertal

The network manager in charge, Prof. Iwainsky, accepts the invitation to a several-hour consultation with Lorent IT-Lösungen GmbH. As a network-external cooperation partner, the company is already involved in an MoDiSeM R & D initiative.

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Joint Congress of BMWi and VIU

This congress of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the Association of Innovative Enterprises takes place in the Congress Centre of the BMWi under the title

Innovation in SMEs - How Transfer Works.

The network manager in charge, Prof. Iwainsky, takes part. In particular, the keynote lecture by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Stich (Forschungsinstitut für Rationalisierung (FIR) e. V. at RWTH Aachen) and the subsequent discussion during the conference reveals synergy potential. This concerns in particular current R&D initiatives of the network in the range of autonomous services for the health economy.

Member Assembly of the MoDiSeM member SCSD

Prof. Iwainsky, the network manager in charge, takes part in the Member Assembly  of Senior Consulting Services Diakonie e. V. and points out that federal funding can be used to implement many innovative ideas in the social field. For the SCSD, the MoDiSeM network is an important means of bundling social and technical competencies with the aim of joint research and development activities.

MoDiSeM Partner DLR Receives Innovation Award

The Institute for Optical Sensor Systems at the German Aerospace Center e. V. (DLR) receives for the development of the Integrated Positioning Systems (IPS) in the context of a festive event in the Berlin Museum of Communication, the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg.

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ICM e. V. at the first HZwo Technology Forum

The MoDiSeM member ICM - Institut Chemnitzer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V. participates actively in the first technology forum of the innovation cluster HZwo. The aim of this cluster is to establish a network on fuel cells and green hydrogen. There are thematic connections with the MoDiSeM network.

Establishment of the Programme Committee for the Innovation Forum on 06/04/2019 – 06/05/2019

The second innovation forum "Autonomous, mobile services; services for mobility" will take place on 06/04/2019 – 06/05/2019 at the Campus Wilhelminenhof of the Berlin University of Technology and Economics. Today the formation of the programme committee is completed.

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Return visit of Michael Bendich Fahrzeugbau

The Managing Director of Michael Bendich Fahrzeugbau, Mr. Bendich, and his son visit GFaI. The consultations during the tour reveal potential for cooperation (see also entry on 11/09/2018).

Consultation and inspection at the Rollrasen Aue GmbH

The main network manager is visiting Mr. Aue. The occasion is the current announcement "Horticulture 4.0" (see also entry from 11/08/2018). The main focus is precision irrigation, here specifically irrigation of huge lawn areas.

Visit of the network management at Michael Bendich Fahrzeugbau

Prof. Iwainsky, the network manager in charge, visits together with Mr. Pochanke the innovative vehicle supplier Michael Bendich Fahrzeugbau. Opportunities for cooperation are discussed. This also includes a first vote on an appearance at the Innovation Forum on 04./05.06.2019 on the Wilhelminenhof Campus of the Berlin University of Technology and Economics (HTW Berlin). A membership in MoDiSeM as an associated partner is agreed upon. Towards the end of the consultation, Mr. Bendich leads the two visitors through his workshops with impressive equipment and conversion work, including on electric vehicles.

Consultation on "Horticulture 4.0"

The current announcement by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) promoting R & D in the field of digitalisation of horticulture is the occasion for a multilateral workshop at the MoDiSeM partner ESYS GmbH. The several hours of consultation extend the horizon of the network into the areas of application (for autonomous services) horticulture and agriculture. Particular focus is on large equipment for irrigation, driving independently, albeit with very limited movement possibilities (see also entry from 11/13/2018).

ZIM Network Annual Conference in the BMWi

The event takes place in the large auditorium of the BMWi building in Berlin’s Scharnhorststraße. This year the event is entitled “From Research to Application – Transfer and Trends in ZIM”. The network manager in charge, Prof. Iwainsky, and the managing director of the network partner Akktor GmbH, Mr. Reimann, participate actively in this highlight in the life of the ZIM cooperation network.

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Evening Meeting of the ZIM Network Annual Conference

A highlight of the evening's meeting is the joint visit to the Computer Games Museum in Berlin's Karl-Marx-Allee. For MoDiSeM computer games are not in the center of interest, but for the generally important topics such as

  • Human-system communication
  • Digitalisation of training and further education processes
  • Gamification of everyday work processes
  • Use of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality in the working world

they are relevant.

Participation in the SCSD Thematic Day

The network manager in charge takes part in the Thematic Day of SCSD (Senior Consulting Service Diakonie e. V.) "Participation for all - Innovations in the Neighbourhood - Responsibility in the Social Enterprise". The lecture
"Demographic Change - Implications and Answers?" by MR Joachim Seeger (Division SW II 2; Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Home Affairs) is particularly important for the work of the network management. Among other things, many up-to-date facts and figures are offered here. They give first indications for further R&D initiatives of the network with a strong focus on social aspects.

Fifth internal workshop of the network MoDiSeM

This is the first workshop of its kind in Phase 2 of the network project.. As always within this framework, the focus is on current R&D initiatives. Nine such initiatives are currently pushed ahead. Further ideas for research & development are still in the phase of non-scheduled investigations.

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Advice on the R&D initiative within the framework of "Horticulture 4.0"

In the morning an initiative group meets again to discuss the following topics:

  • Sensor technology
  • Big data
  • Data communication
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Autonomous movements of sensors/cameras
  • Radio controlled actuators

in the application areas

  • Horticulture and
  • Agriculture and forestry

The host is ESYS GmbH.

Evening meeting before the fifth internal workshop of the network MoDiSeM

A long tradition continues. At first we meet  for a sightseeing. Today it is a photo exhibition in the Amerika-Haus at the railway station Zoologischer Garten in Berlin. Afterwards we have dinner together: Networking with beer and wine.

Project outline "RoberT" as a reaction to DigiMed

The buttom-up initiative of the Evangelical Johannesstift (EJS) reaches its first high point: One day before the deadline for the submission of project outlines within the framework of the BMBF announcement "Digital Media in Professional Education and Training in the Health Professions" (DigiMed), the project outline "RoberT" is completed and uploaded by the EJS (see also entries from 09/05/2018 and 10/05/2018).

Submission of a project outline

The project outline "NamoRob" is successfully uploaded. A prerequisite for this was only fulfilled shortly before the deadline: As a highly specialized vehicle manufacturer, VELA Performance could be included for tasks in the joint project that were vacant for several weeks during the preparatory phase of the project outline (see also entry from 10/10/2018).

Consulting at VELA Performance GmbH

The network manager in charge, Prof. Iwainsky, was recommended by the MoDi SeM member Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH to contact VELA Performance GmbH. On 10 October he visits the company at the invitation of the managing director of this SME. The agenda has the following main topics:

  • Acquisition of VELA Performance as a member of the network for the competence area vehicle design and production
  • Integration of the company into a current research initiative led by the MoDiSeM partner DLR (see also entry as of 10/15/2018)
  • Further medium- and long-term R&D initiatives in the network with relevance for VELA Performance
  • Visit to the company's workshops and to some results of previous R&D projects.

A research consortium is formed

In continuation of the consultation on 09/05/2018 (see corresponding entry), an R&D consortium is formed by means of a telephone conference. It is about the network's reaction to the BMBF announcement "Digital Media in Professional Education and Training in the Health Professions" (DigiMed). The consortium consists of the following MoDiSeM partners:

  • Diakonisches Bildungszentrum des Evangelischen Johannesstifts (Project leader)
  • Evangelisches Johannesstift Altenhilfe gGmbH
  • HFC Human-Factors-Consult GmbH

As external partners for the competence areas Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Educational Sciences the

  • company Lorent IT-Lösungen GmbH in Wuppertal and
  • the University of Applied Sciences (FHDW) in Paderborn

are included (see also entry from 10/18/2018).

ZUSE Day at the ICM e. V.

At the MoDiSeM partner ICM - Institut Chemnitzer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V., institutes of the Deutsche Industrieforschungsgemeinschaft Konrad Zuse e.V. present how successful research is achieved for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Autonomous services in gardening

This date can be regarded as the beginning of a medium-term process of exploration, research, coordination and brainstorming. In addition to the network manager, the MoDiSeM partners Frankenförder Forschungsgesellschaft mbH and ESYS GmbH are involved. In this consultation and a series of follow-up activities (see also 11/13/2018) the network discovers potential for new autonomous services, initially in gardening and later also in agriculture. However, the aim is not to develop another complex field robot. Rather, the aim is to create mobile solutions that are as simple and practical as possible, even if they do not achieve full autonomy. In practice, autonomy for its own sake often leads to a dead end.

First coordination of joint activities at Tholegrobotics

At the invitation of the owner of Tholegrobotics (Mr. Zügel), the main responsible network manager and Prof. Rehak (MoDiSeM partner easc) travel to Glauchau to the headquarters of the SME, which has become a new network member in phase 2 of the ZIM network project MoDiSeM. Impressive is the multitude of different UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), that are partly presented in shop windows of the company in the centre of Glauchau (Saxony) for interested citizens. Prof. Iwainsky explains a ZIM project for which a new R&D consortium has to be established. At the end of the consultation, the network manager asks, Mr. Zügel, for a brief presentation of a current challenge for his company in terms of R&D. An interesting idea is articulated. Two weeks later, the MoDiSeM network management sends Tholegrobotics a first sketch of this potential innovation process as part of the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM).

Event "20 Years Scharpenberg"

The network manager in charge, Prof. Iwainsky, takes part in the all-day anniversary event in Rostock. The MoDiSeM member Orthopädie-Technik Scharpenberg presents its capabilities at the company headquarters. In addition, partner institutions were invited to set up stands on the adjacent outdoor area and demonstrate products and services in the field of health care. The managing director, Mr. Ralph Scharpenberg, and Prof. Iwainsky discuss gait analysis, particularly with regard to fall prevention.

Start of a buttom-up process

Mr. Kley, the innovation manager of the Protestant Johannesstift (EJS), member of the network MoDiSeM, invites the network manager in charge to a brainstorming consultation at the campus of the EJS in Berlin-Spandau.

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End of August 2018: Project outline

The submission of a project outline in the BMBF programme "Future of Work: SMEs - Innovative and Social" (deadline 09/01/2018) is in preparation. The upload takes place in time. Participating MoDiSeM partners:

  • ICM e. V. (Coordinator)
  • I.T. Out GmbH (SME)
  • ESYS GmbH (SME)
  • YOUSE GmbH (SME), subcontract

Mid August 2018: Exploration of technical risks in some innovation processes / economic challenges

The network manager in charge records and evaluates technical risks for some planned innovation lines of the network. He develops concrete practical application scenarios for future mobile automated systems and services and derives technical risks from them.

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Continuation of the ZIM network project MoDiSeM in phase 2

Together with partners in the network, the network management succeeds in achieving a continuation of the project without interruption: Phase 1 expired on 07/31/2018. Phase 2 starts on 08/01/2018 with a duration until 07/31/2020. The composition of the network has changed slightly during the transition from phase 1 to phase 2 (network).

LIBIFY becomes a regular partner of MoDiSeM

The Munich-based company LIBIFY Technologies GmbH becomes a regular partner of MoDiSeM towards the end of phase 1 of the network project. A new R&D project, in which MoDiSeM can support, is a concrete reason. The technical relation to the network exists with topics on digital infrastructures for the increase of the security of humans with movement restrictions.

Final spurt towards phase 2

After a survey by the network management among the MoDiSeM partners revealed the clear desire to continue the network project, the final spurt to apply for phase 2 of the ZIM cooperation network project in time begins. This phase is scheduled to run from August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2020. Thus, it follow phase 1 directly and without any gaps in time.

Participation in the CURPAS annual conference

On June 28 and 29, 2018, the International Annual Conference of CURPAS e. V. (Civil Use Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) takes place for the second time in Wildau. The event is attended by over 130 participants. The management of MoDiSeM is also represented. The program offers information, lectures and discussions on the subject of drones and digitalisation. Copter demonstrations complete the program.

Innovation Day SME of the BMWi at the AiF

The network MoDiSeM is represented at this anniversary event (25th Innovation Day “Mittelstand”, 10 years Central Innovation Program “Mittelstand”, ZIM) with a stationary stand and a mobile "satellite".

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Transfer-Day "Innovative Offers for Everyday Life in Work and Leisure"

This exhibition with accompanying lecture programme is one of the four components of the two-day Innovation Forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services - Services for Mobility" in the Audimax and nearby outdoor areas of the HTW Berlin.

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Citizens' Forum "Innovations for Mobility"

This Citizens’ Forum is one of the four components of the two-day Innovation Forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services – Services for Mobility" in the Audimax and nearby outdoor areas of the HTW Berlin.

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Innovation Forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services - Services for Mobility" in the Audimax of the HTW Berlin

Together with Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH  and the HTW Berlin (University of Applied Sciences), the network MoDiSeM organizes the Innovation Forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services – Services for Mobility".

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Conference "Autonomous Mobile Services"

This conference is one of the four components of the two-day innovation forum "Autonomous, Mobile Services - Services for Mobility" in the Audimax and nearby outdoor area of the HTW Berlin.

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Fourth internal Workshop of the ZIM cooperation network MoDiSeM

In the last workshop before the end of phase 1 of the ZIM network project MoDiSeM, the focus is on a compact summary of the status achieved, the last work required in phase 1 and the preparation of phase 2 with a term of two calendar years.

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Tholegrobotics Thomas Zügel at security fair U.T.SEC

MoDiSeM partner Tholegrobotics is exhibiting Unmanned Vehicles (UAV) at the U.T.SEC 2018 security trade fair (03/07/2018 – 03/08/2018 in Nürnberg) for fire brigades and rescue services, among others.

Project outline DiWiMa

The project outline DiWiMa (Digital Knowledge Management in everyday work of innovative SMEs) is completed and successfully uploaded by the network partner ICM e. V. The following MoDiSeM partners are involved (in the planned project):

  • ESYS GmbHI
  • CM e. V. I.T.
  • Out GmbH

External partners are:

  • FHDW Paderborn
  • IGF Chemnitz GmbH

The project outline is our reaction to the funding competition "The Future of Work: Small and Medium-Sized Businesses - Innovative and Social".

Participation in the opening of the Wildau Science Week

Prof. Iwainsky takes part in the opening of the Wildauer Wissenschaftswoche in the Audimax of the TH Wildau. Here he listens to two lectures with thematic relations to MoDiSeM perfectly: Autonomously driving anthropoid robot for the university library and test field for autonomous driving.

Consultation with HFC Human-Factors-Consult GmbH

A consultation with the SME HFC Human-Factors-Consult GmbH takes place at our network partner Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH. The representtative of the SME, present in the meeting, declares his interest in a membership in MoDiSeM.

Discussion at GFaI Brandenburg e.V.

On 6th February Prof. Iwainsky (main responsible network manager) is with the MoDiSeM partner GFaI Brandenburg e.V. at the TH Wildau. This involves further exploration of project initiatives in the field of automated mobile services.


Interested in becoming a member of MoDiSeM

The SME GESTALT Robotics GmbH (Berlin) expresses its interest in becoming a member of MoDiSeM. It is a still young SME with a focus on the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Enway GmbH becomes an associated network partner

The still young and innovative SME Enway GmbH, developer of autonomous mobile service vehicles, becomes a MoDiSeM network partner.

Visit to IGF Chemnitz GmbH

Prof. Iwainsky visits the IGF Chemnitz GmbH together with Mr. Liebl (MoDiSeM partner ICM e.V). The focus of the meeting is on the integration of IGF Chemnitz GmbH into the current project initiative of MoDiSeM for the funding competition "Future of Work - Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - Innovative and Social".

Meeting with easy mile GmbH at the EUREF-Campus in Berlin-Schöneberg

At the EUREF campus in Berlin-Schöneberg, the network manager, Prof. Iwainsky, had a very interesting contact with the company easy mile and could visit their autonomous bus (for the public or semi-public space) in particular. This bus is interesting for operators/users of large sites. The bus was developed by the French SME easy mile. Our associated network partner Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH provided the contact.

Consulting with network manager of the MOVIA ZIM-KN network in the GFaI

On 24 January 2018, at GFaI consultations of Prof. Iwainsky with representatives of the ZIM-KN network MOVIA (network for pedestrian navigation) take place. Dr. Schischmanow (DRL) arranged this contact and is present at the meeting himself. Common thematic interests are defined and further steps are discussed.

Consulting on a project initiative of DLR

At GFaI, an internal consultation with DLR (Dr. Schischmanow), Prof. Iwainsky and an additional external SME on a DLR project initiative takes place. Further MoDiSeM partners will be included later in this initiative.

Discussion of the MoDiSeM project initiative for the call "The Future of Work: SMES - Innovative and Social"

At GFaI, a discussion on the joint MoDiSeM project initiative for the call "Future of Work: SMEs - Innovative and Social" takes place. Potential project partners from MoDiSeM are: ICM e. V., I. T. Out GmbH, ESYS GmbH, Orthopaedic Technology Scharpenberg, YOUSE GmbH.

Kick-off meeting on the BMBF joint project VarioKnie

The kick-off meeting of the BMBF joint project VarioKnie (Variable interactive prosthetic knee) is carried out at the network partner Orthopaedic Technology Scharpenberg in Rostock. All project partners and the project promoter VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH are excellently represented. The presentations once again reveal the outstanding competencies of the consortium.

Enway asks for membership in the MoDiSeM network as an associated partner

On the basis of the discussion with the network manager on 21 December 2017, Enway GmbH decides to ask for membership in the ZIM network MoDiSeM as an associated partner.

Specialist Workshop "Health Economics"

At the specialist workshop "Health Economics" for ZIM cooperation networks on the Campus Virchow-Klinikum in Berlin, the MoDiSeM network manager, Prof. Dr. med. A. Iwainsky, and other experts from the network partners Orthopädietechnik Scharpenberg and Frankenförder Forschungsgesellschaft take part.

Participation in the ZIM Network Annual Conference

The event "International networking - pooling knowledge, exploiting global opportunities!" At the BMWi (Berlin) is a highlight in the history of the BMWi programme ZIM cooperation networks.

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Participation in the exchange of experiences for network managers

The main  network manager of MoDiSeM participates in the exchange of experiences of ZIM cooperation networks (organizer: VDI / VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH) in Berlin.

Network Expansion

The European Aviation Security Center (EASC) e.V. becomes MoDiSeM member. This is ultimately the result of a consultation with the network manager on the sidelines of the event DRONEMASTERS® Convention on 03.09.2017.

Bilateral consultation of the NM with AUCOTEAM

The consultation between the network management of MoDiSeM and the management of the MoDiSeM partner AUCOTEAM serves to discuss various research and development approaches as well as the topic of Mittelstand 4.0.

Bilateral workshop with Orthopedic Technology Scharpenberg

In Rostock, on the initiative of the network partner Orthopädie-Technik Scharpenberg, a bilateral workshop with the main responsible network manager takes place.

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Participation in the celebration "25 years ICM“

The main responsible network manager participates in the celebration 25 years ICM of the MoDiSeM partner Institute Chemnitzer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. (ICM) in Chemnitz. He takes the opportunity for some discussion on already launched R & D initiatives in the network.

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Participation in the information event on the BMBF announcement SensoRob

At the information event for the BMBF announcement SensoRob of the responsible programme promoter VDI / VDE Innovation + Technology GmbH in Bonn, the main network manager briefly introduces GFaI and the ZIM network projects it has previously managed. In one part of the event, which serves to advise individual initiatives, he briefly explains three project ideas from the network MoDiSeM. All three are generally rated as suitable for the programme SensoRob.

Advice in the GFaI on R & D initiatives

In the GFaI, on the initiative of the partners AUCOTEAM GmbH and YOUSE GmbH  a consultation with further MoDiSeM partners takes place on a total of 5 potential research and development projects within the company network.

Participation in the workshop "Mobility Support & Care“

In Paderborn, Prof. Iwainsky actively participates in the workshop "Mobility Support & Care" as part of the event “Lightweight Construction for Sustainable Climate Protection”. He articulates cooperation offers and requirements for joint innovation processes in the interaction of technology with social issues.

Bilateral meeting in the Sunpark of the Evangelisches Johannesstift (EJS)

In the Sunpark of the Evangelisches Johannesstift (member of the network MoDiSeM) a bilateral meeting with the responsible network manager takes place. The meeting  is primarily dedicated to a recently furnished apartment, equipped with technology for everyday support (Ambient Assisted Living, AAL).

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Participation in the information event on the BMBF competition "Digital Platforms: Interactive Assistance Systems"

The main network manager, Prof. Iwainsky, actively participates in the information event organized by VDI / VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH for the BMBF competition "Digital Platforms: Interactive Assistance Systems" in Berlin. In a bilateral consultation, Prof. Iwainsky presents a project idea of the network MoDiSeM and is motivated to develop it to a competition contribution.

Kick-off meeting for the project MoDiSeM

With lively participation of the network partners the first internal workshop of the network, the kick-off meeting of the corresponding ZIM project, takes place in the big hall of the GFaI. Since many partners meet for the first time, the mutual presentation (personal and institutional) has a special significance.

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Participation in the event DRONEMASTERS® Convention 2017

Together with colleagues from the GFaI Research Department Image Processing - Industrial Applications, the MoDiSeM network manager takes part in the event DRONEMASTERS® Convention 2017 on the trotting track in Berlin-Karlshorst. There are also discussions about an extension of the network.

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Receipt of the approval notice

The GFaI receives the approval of the new project in the frame of the ZIM Cooperation Networks Programme. As with all projects of this kind, the grant is initially valid for phase 1. MoDiSeM covers this term from 01.08.2017 to 31.07.2018.

Submission of the application to the promoter

The main network manager for MoDiSeM, Prof. Dr. Alfred Iwainsky, submits the application for funding to VDI / VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH (Berlin).

Completion of the application

The application for funding under the ZIM Cooperation Networks Programme (ZIM: Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand), which is being carried out by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) via the programme promoter VDI / VDE Innovation + Technology GmbH, is ready for signature. A total of 24 partners have declared their intention to belong to the network.

Winter/spring 2017

Several companies join Prof. Dr. Ing. Alfred Iwainsky (Head of the Board  of GFaI and longtime manager of ZIM cooperation networks) with initiatives to establish a new network. Investigations and consultations on thematic focus take several months.

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